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Concept art

When designing a game like Tribal Trouble, a lot of ideas about the artwork have to be communicated. The best way of doing this is simply drawing what you have in mind, and that has resulted in quite a few sketches. Most of them have been drawn by actual artists, but us developers also had to use our very limited artistic skills once in a while. In this article I share a few of the many drawings sent between us and freelance artists.

Viking headshotsNative buildings

At first we had a local artist doing some sketches for us, but we ended up using the talented brit Chaz for the job instead. These are some of the sketches the first guy drew.

Unused nativesUnused Vikings

Chaz sent an amazing amount of sketches to help us choose just the units/buildings/things we wanted. Here you see both some of his early and some of his later work with the units for each tribe:

We also had a lot to chose from when it came to buildings. Here are some of them:

He also did a lot of sketches for other stuff not related to the tribes:

Tropical ChickenGolden statuesTropical trees

As I mentioned, the developers also had to draw once in a while, to let each other and the artists know how things should be designed. Here are some scans of the maps I drew when I designed the campaigns. They were used as notes to what I had left to do, and as concept art for Chaz to draw the real map.

Viking campaignNative campaign

In order to let Chaz know what the point was with the chicken weapons, Jacob and Mikkel drew this little sketch explaining how to build a chicken weapon. It also explains why we are developers and not artists :)

Chicken weapon howto

14 Responses to “Concept art”

  1. Indigo Says:

    wow, nice artwork! i think that oddlabs should have used some of the other towers and quarters. or maybe i am just tired of the the current designs. very much enjoyed seeing some of the prototypes of early tribal trouble concepts. thanks for the release!


  2. mambo Says:

    i think that the current drawings are amazing, iv seen some of these pics on google before, just type in tribal trouble in the image search, and this’ll be there somewhere

  3. mambo Says:

    lol, Mikkel and Jacob should take some art lessons, my little sis can draw better! (jk)

  4. Mozer Says:

    i think some of the native buildings look better on the drawings…

  5. deadeye Says:

    from the pictures here the game looks a lot better and amazing how the drawings came out

  6. mambo Says:

    as mozer said, some drawings do look better than the actual selected ones

  7. deadeye Says:

    what did you say mambo? i the courtisy to spell your name correctly

  8. mambo Says:

    “i the courtisy”???
    the heck u saying, that made no sense at all

  9. deadeye Says:

    you cant spell my name properly?

  10. mambo Says:

    im not talking to you, i was refering to “Mozer” check the convo carefully ull see that mozer has also poster a comment (not Razor!!!)

  11. velfire Says:

    those are cool pics.

  12. qwee Says:

    they sould have chinese guys to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it would be cool it gets a little boring
    with just vickings and natives!!

  13. Jiaz Says:

    nice buildings.(i wish i lived there lol)

  14. Sprit[Klaw] Says:

    can you make more buidings please then it would be better

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