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Visit from the minister of science, technology and innovation

As you might already know, we moved to a new office back in November. The owner of the building is creating a small community of innovative IT startups, and word of his efforts have now reached the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Yesterday Helge Sander, the minister himself, dropped by to see the community with his own eyes. The companies gave a short presentation to let him know what they are working with and how things are going. We (as well as some of the other companies) used the opportunity to push for more support for open source software and open standards in the public sector, and let him know that it is possible to use other applications than those depending on Microsoft, even for businesses. Of course we also gave him some copies of Tribal Trouble, so who knows… maybe the minister for Science, Technology and Innovation has a profile on our multiplayer server now :)


Our host, Helge Munk, introducing Elias before his presentation of Oddlabs.

The minister

The Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation thanking for the presentations and giving a short talk about what the ministry is up to these days.

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  1. wasted Says:

    This is great, I hope you gained more visibility in Denmark!

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