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Tribal Trouble

Help us test Tribal Trouble 2!

Tribal Trouble's successor is now open for public beta testing. While many features are still on their way, there is a lot of new stuff to try out.

» Head over to TribalTrouble2.com!

What's new?

  • New single player quests
  • New hand drawn multiplayer maps
  • Design your own chieftain/chieftess
  • No more downloading of installers

The Procedurality Engine

The Procedurality engine is a spin-off from the development of Tribal Trouble. Like Tribal Trouble it is written in Java, and some of the tricks it can do has been described in the paper "Realtime Procedural Terrain Generation".

Procedurality is made up of two parts: A set of classes that generate various types of graphics (random noise maps etc.) and a complete image manipulation library that supports color channels, layers with alpha blending and most of the functions and filters you would expect to find in software like GIMP (as well as a few more suited for generating terrain height maps).

Procedurality is released under GPL and can be downloaded here:

» procedurality-0.1-20070305.tar.gz (42 KB)

If you find the software useful, you are welcome to discuss technical details and ask questions in our Game Engine Technology forum

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