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About Oddlabs

Oddlabs is a small independent game development studio and consulting business specializing in crossplatform 3D games run directly from your browser.

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Multi-platform support

All of our games (except for the iPhone specific) will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Crossplatform game engine technology


Light Weight Java Game Library enables Java applications to access native graphics and sound hardware through OpenGL and OpenAL. Currently both Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are supported.


The Java technology enables developers to write extremely portable software to the extent where the same binaries can be run on all Java supported platforms.

3D engine screenshots

Wireframe rendering showing the dynamic level of detail.

Pathfinder paths - blue lines are the coarse region pathfinding, red lines are fine-grained local pathfinding.

Bounding boxes
Bounding boxes and dynamic object grouping.

Platform independent games

We have based our development on the combination of LWJGL and Java, which allows the game to run on any LWJGL supported platform without modifications and at a speed comparable to platform-dependent native code.

Multi Platform Support

Computer generated terrains

Tribal Trouble is quite unique among realtime strategy games in that it does not rely on pre-defined maps, but instead uses runtime computer generated and -textured terrains. This gives players an endless variety of different battlegrounds, and maps can be restored later by saving the map code which contains all generation parameters.

The terrain parameters menu

The terrain generation menu where you can adjust parameters and save the map for later use by writing down the map code

For people interested in how realistic, high-resolution terrains with simulated erosion are generated in mere seconds, we have released an article discussing the techniques used in Tribal Trouble:

» Realtime Procedural Terrain Generation (1.5 MB)

As of March 2007, the source code for the terrain and texture generation engine (now named "Procedurality") has been released under GPL and can be found here.

Tribal Trouble engine features

Some of the main features of the 3D engine are:

  • Platform independent execution: Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Hardware accelerated 3D graphics through OpenGL
  • Hardware accelerated sound through OpenAL
  • Level of detail rendered landscapes consisting of up to 1 million height points
  • Up to 3000 larger objects (trees, buildings, resources etc.) with several levels of detail and dynamic object grouping
  • Dynamically rendered plants
  • Up to 1000 player controlled units with several levels of detail and realtime concurrent pathfinding
  • Fully mathematically generated, textured and lightsourced landscapes
  • Skinnable OpenGL rendered graphical user interface

The engine is highly optimized, and with the lowest graphics detail level it runs smoothly (40+ fps) on a 700 MHz Athlon CPU with a Geforce 2 MX graphics card.

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