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Oddlabs are experts in software development for mobile and web platforms. We create beautiful apps using the latest technology, from server to client. Not only can we develop your app. We can also help you mature your idea, design a modern user interface, and get the most out of your app once it has been released.



When we build apps for iOS and Android, we always use the technology native to each platform, for optimal performance and a user experience that fits the platform, as well as your brand.

We write the apps in Swift, Objective C or Java, and use well tested third party libraries and services, which shortens the development time, while improving stability.


Our front-end development is based on frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, that have their main focus on responsive design, while allowing full customization.

On the back-end, we use the Django framework. It provides great tools for creating and evolving SQL databases, as well as a templating system for combining the data with the UI.


We have built apps that use a wide variaty of technologies.

  • Video/Audio
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Location services (GPS)
  • OCR
  • Image manipulation
  • Speech recognition
  • 3D engines
  • OpenGLES

Some of our work

Ejner Hessel logo
Ejner Hessel app screenshot

We have developed an app for internal use in Ejner Hessel, the biggest car dealership in Denmark. The app is used by their salesmen to administer test drives. The app collects information about the customer, and helps the salesman through the follow up process.

DONG Energy logo
DONG Energy web app screenshot

DONG Energy's center for innovation hired us to implement their power market simulator (Elsim) as a web app. Using a set of controls for various costs and taxes, it was possible to simulate the price of power production throughout the market.

Addies logo
Addies app screenshot

Addies - reklamequizzen is an app where you can win prizes by quizzing with ads. We were a part of the project from early prototyping through development, to setting up advanced tracking services that gives the Addies team great insight into their user base.

Zerved logo
Zerved app screenshot

Zerved lets you order directly from your smartphone and be alerted when ready. Besides the app itself, the platform has a complex back-end that allows the merchants to set up their menu, and handle orders in real time.

Sygehus Lillebælt logo
MR for kids app screenshot

When the x-ray department at Kolding hospital rebuilt their MRI scanner rooms, to help children get scanned without anaesthetics, they asked us to build a game to help prepare the children for the scanning.

DRCMR logo
BlochSimulator screenshot

The Bloch Simulator is an award winning educational app originally made by the DRCMR for educational use in Magnetic Resonance. In 2010 we re-implemented the app in Actionscript, to allow the students to use it in a browser.

Vifin logo
komsim screenshot

We developed several apps for Vifin, all involving speech recognition. Among them are KomSim which is used to help people with aphasia regain speech, and KidSim that helps children improve pronunciation while learning.

DanskSimulatoren logo
DanskSimulatoren screenshot

DanskSimulatoren is an educational game that helps immigrants learn speaking Danish. Oddlabs built a pronunciation trainer for the game to help the users identify the phonemes that needs more practice.


Once, we used to make games, but have since found out that other kinds of apps are at least as fun to make. Here you can see the games we released before we turned to contracting.



A fun puzzle game for iOS, set it the world of chess. Help the pieces in rebellion against the king using tricks very different from chess!

Tribal Trouble

Tribal Trouble

Fast-paced realtime strategy games set in the wacky Viking age where pillaging and plundering were everyone's favorite pastimes!



An online multiplayer foosball game featuring very realistic physics. Developed for white-labeling, it was featured on the gaming site of Danske Spil. It has since been retired.