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The terrain and texture generation code from Tribal Trouble is now released as open source

After many requests, we have now decided to release the procedural terrain and texture generation code from Tribal Trouble under the GPL license as a stand-alone package named Procedurality.


Textured eroded terrain generated by the Procedurality engine


Oddlabs gives a workshop on mobile game development

In cooperation with Odense Technical College, Mikkel gave a workshop to some of their freshmen students. Students are often introduced to software development in a theoretical and boring way. A lot of people quickly lose interest when they are overwhelmed with the strange concepts of a programming language. We set out to make it fun. Read on to see the results.

Download Gold Rain

Mikkel’s example game Gold Rain


Visit from the minister of science, technology and innovation

As you might already know, we moved to a new office back in November. The owner of the building is creating a small community of innovative IT startups, and word of his efforts have now reached the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.


Mythbusting Tribal Trouble

For some reason a lot of people seem to think that we used the Torque engine to create Tribal Trouble, and some even ask us for help. I don’t know why they think that, because Torque is mentioned nowhere on our site (except here). It probably has something to do with the fact that Tribal Trouble is also sold in the GarageGames shop, and they have developed Torque. But before Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman make a show out of this myth, let me bust it once and for all: Tribal Trouble does not use Torque! It isn’t even written in the same language!


Attempting to inspire

Yesterday, IT businesses all around Denmark were visited by bus loads of high school students interested in what the business world is like. Oddlabs too had its share of visitors.


Happy holidays

On the behalf of the Oddlabs crew, our friend Steingrim would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Christmas Steingrim

The indie business side of the Mac

Are you developing a PC game and not planning to do a Mac version? I have some numbers that ought to make you reconsider!


Concept art

When designing a game like Tribal Trouble, a lot of ideas about the artwork have to be communicated. The best way of doing this is simply drawing what you have in mind, and that has resulted in quite a few sketches. Most of them have been drawn by actual artists, but us developers also had to use our very limited artistic skills once in a while. In this article I share a few of the many drawings sent between us and freelance artists.

Viking headshotsNative buildings


Oddlabs on TV

As I have mentioned earlier, a TV crew followed us when we moved to the new office. Yesterday it aired on the local TV station TV2/Fyn. It was part of a show called “Fyn i front” which is a show about interesting companies in the part of Denmark we live in (Fyn). The show is about three companies, where we are the first to be shown. You can see it here, but beware - it is in Danish!

Tribal Trouble cheats!

Are the warmongering island-dwellers giving you a hard time? Now you can take back control with a few cheats for the campaign and the single player mode.

Spawn chicken warriors like there's no tomorrow!

Spawn chicken warriors like there’s no tomorrow!


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