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Oddlabs moving to a new office

It finally happened: Oddlabs has moved to a much bigger office! A local IT pioneer has moved his company and started an office community in the building instead, and we were lucky enough to be able to rent one of the rooms. So we spent last week moving around a lot furniture and other office stuff, and of course, I documented it all with my trusty mobile phone cam.

Old office packed

The old stuff was packed into boxes.

Table on a truck

We borrowed a pick-up truck to transport our new tables.

Table in an elevator

The tables weighed a ton and only fit in the elevator by a few millimeters.

Table on a towel

We actually had to slide it on an old towel because the elevator door wasn’t tall enough to lift it through.

Book shelves

We also bought a lot of other stuff. Here we are picking up some book shelves.

The TV crew

The local TV station TV2/Fyn actually covered the move. I hope we can get a link to it in this blog when it has aired (in a couple of weeks).

The reception area

In contrast to the old dorm room, this building has a reception area.


There also is a nice big canteen.

The crew

We are finally settled at our new desks. From the left it is Jacob, Sune (me), Elias and Mikkel.

Relaxation corner

The new office has enough room for a relaxation corner where we can get great ideas for new crazy games.

MoreEven moreMuch more

A few extra views of the office.

14 Responses to “Oddlabs moving to a new office”

  1. Mythor Says:


    Nice, like the pic of all of you. Looking very very bad. :) No smile - just cool. hehe :)

    I like to try out the sofa. I think it’s time for the auditor to stop by. :)

    See you all.


  2. Edde Says:

    Where’s all the programming books on that book shelf?? 8) The office looks pretty nice… everything seems to just fit.

  3. socom Says:

    I love it its nice congratulations on your move i bet oddlabs will become a big buisness like sony and all of those good things.

  4. louis Says:

    Very nice! I hope we see another cool game from you guys very soon. I love your approach to development and the way you’ve made your game cross-platform.

  5. Oreo Says:

    good office i sure you will do well

  6. Oddlabs Game Development Blog » Blog Archive » Oddlabs on TV Says:

    [...] As I have mentioned earlier, a TV crew followed us when we moved to the new office. Yesterday it aired on the local TV station TV2/Fyn. It was part of a show called “Fyn i front” which is a show about interesting companies in the part of Denmark we live in (Fyn). The show is about three companies, where we are the first to be shown. You can see it here, but beware - it is in Danish! [...]

  7. Danni Says:

    Congrats with your new offices guys:) . Looks really cool!!
    Hope to play some “tablesoccer” with you again, when you are in Copenhagen :), and talk some game ideas!:-P
    CU, kind regards from Danni

  8. M.Himmelstrup Says:

    Lækkert kontor :)..

    I ligner helt sikkert et sted jeg godt kunne finde på at søge ind, når jeg engang er færdig med min Digital Media uddannelse :)
    [i]Efter sommerferien, skal jeg have en praktikplads inden for 3D Film / spil.. og jeres firma ligner lige noget for mig.. [/i]

    mvh Michael

    [i]ps. ses den 17. Januar, til jeres åbne hus ;).. kommer for at se hvad i dur til ;)[/i]

  9. Daniela Says:

    Congratulations!! Great Office! I love Tribal Trouble and can’t wait for you to release a new game!

    Take care,


  10. jeffa Says:

    Here’s a geeky question… Curious about the pictures. Are you guys pair programming, or just working together on something for a bit?

    Keep up the good work!


  11. Sune Says:

    Sometimes we do, but not all the time.

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    [...] you might already know, we moved to a new office back in November. The owner of the building is creating a small community of innovative IT startups, and word of his [...]

  13. Parsa Akbari Says:

    Do you rely totaly on tribaltrouble/ odd labs for your living?
    Maybye you have some other part time jobs?

  14. Sune Says:

    No, we do work for other companies also. The workshop we did for a school is an example of that.

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