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Tribal Trouble cheats!

Are the warmongering island-dwellers giving you a hard time? Now you can take back control with a few cheats for the campaign and the single player mode.

Spawn chicken warriors like there's no tomorrow!

Spawn chicken warriors like there’s no tomorrow!

Skip to the second half of the campaign

This one has been mentioned in the FAQ already, but here it is again: In order to play the Native campaign you need to complete the Viking campaign first. If you for some reason don’t want to play through the Viking campaign, you can unlock the Native campaign by editing the settings file found in the installation directory and set


The next time you start the game, the second part of the campaign will be unlocked. Of course you could also cheat your way through the first part:

General cheat mode

The cheat mode can be enabled in all single player games including the campaign islands. To do this, press enter to bring up the chat dialogue box and type the command (please note the slash!)


The cheat mode is now enabled and will be indicated by an icon in the lower right corner.

Enabling cheats Cheats enabled

Enabling the cheat mode

Now for the fun part: You can insert new units using F1 through F5 (you still have a max of 150 units total and one chieftain though), kill or destroy any selected unit or building (including hostile ones) with F6, toggle tree visibility with F7 and switch between normal rendering and wireframe mode with F8.

Trees visible Trees invisible

Toggling tree visibility

Line mode

The wireframe mode


  • To enable cheats: Type the command /iamacheater in the chat box
  • F1: Insert peon
  • F2: Insert rock warrior
  • F3: Insert iron warrior
  • F4: Insert chicken warrior
  • F5: Insert chieftain
  • F6: Kill selected unit/building
  • F7: Toggle tree visibility
  • F8: Toggle wireframe mode

Please note that the cheat mode only works in the full version and not in multiplayer games.

95 Responses to “Tribal Trouble cheats!”

  1. Carlton Says:

    The game is wonderful and lots of fun and hard to stop plalying it. Thanks from me and my family.

  2. deadeye Says:

    i actually dont like the ideal of cheats because people might find a way from these to cheat online which could lead to some problems.

  3. mambo Says:

    now thats one cool idea!!

    deadeye this is only for offline!

  4. Sparkle Says:

    The game is addicative. It is lots of fun

  5. hailtheeme Says:

    Time for the stupid natives on the first gold statue level of viking campain (for those who think i’m not a good player…. i was on hard)to get a little wake up call… *rubs hands together* MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i like the idea i have thousands of ideas :) which i need to overthink though :_

  6. deadeye Says:

    jsut wondering but…. these codes can work for mac right?

  7. deadeye Says:

    well i guess it would be more fun to actually use cheats in this game but it’l take me a while to get used to using cheats offline so i guess it would be fun to do and use.

  8. Bec Says:

    i dont get it?

  9. velfire Says:

    COOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! I like the cheats. Why did they creat wireframe mode ?? Who thinks they should make a more than 151 units cheat??

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    [...] Además se han añadido una serie de trucos que se pueden activar sólo en el modo de un jugador de la versión completa. La lista de trucos la podéis consultar en el blog de Oddlabs, continuar leyendo para ver un pequeño resumen: [...]

  11. velfire Says:

    Velfire no hablo espanol. I want to know wat it means, but dont transation plz??!!?!??!?!?!?

  12. Oreo Says:

    awsome the tribal rules a few suggestions we need new warriors im not saying you have to do it but it does need more warriors

  13. Ammike Says:

    O so this is how u guys get so good well watch out im coming!

  14. joebon Says:

    how do I get red warriers

  15. mambo Says:

    lol, red wariors in TT are team 3, so if ur the 3rd person to join, ull get the red team

  16. cole Says:

    are their any cheats for multiplayer?

  17. mambo Says:

    to cole: no there are no cheats for multiplayer, that really would remove all fun from the game

  18. cole Says:

    comin from you dude

  19. callum Says:

    do these codes work on mac?

  20. Sune Says:

    Yes, they work on all computers.

  21. cole Says:

    its all good

  22. john Says:

    When i try to cheat on my mac laptop, it doesn’t work except for wireframe mode. i think its because F1-7 already have set functions, can someone help?

  23. Sune Says:

    You probably have to hold down the Fn button so it doesn’t use the preset functions.

  24. razor Says:

    the what? on my macbook it has the same problems and i dont see “fn”

  25. Sune Says:

    Hmm, I don’t have a macbook so I can’t try it myself, but normally a laptop has a fn key to chance the use of the F keys. OS X must override it. Does it work in fullscreen mode?

  26. razor Says:

    this is how mines looks except for the caps lock, shift, and delete

  27. razor Says:

    oh my bad its on the bottom left corner

  28. joebon Says:

    I can not get the cheat code the one you type in /iamacheeter

  29. joebon Says:

    cheat code aill not work on pc

  30. keanu Says:

    i cant get the cheat to work

  31. HAHA1245 Says:

    My cheats won’t workk either i have an OS X and i type the word then press the F buttons and nothing happens

  32. HAHA1245 Says:

    finnaly i figure out the cheats forgot th slash lol

  33. razor Says:

    this is for joebon : you have spelled the word iamacheater incorrecly you spelled it like this iamacheeter you shouldve spelled like this iamacheater im not sure if this would be your problem or not

  34. nighthawk Says:

    who here thinks there should be a cheat for buildings aswell as warriors??

  35. HAHA1245 Says:

    they should have cheats for buildings YOU HEARING THIS ODDLABS?

  36. skit75 Says:

    they should have a cheat that gives chiken all around ur base,
    and an upgrade that can let u build as many building and towers as u want or just up to 200.

  37. Kuldeep Says:

    hey dudes the cheat /iamacheater doesn’t work. Can anyone help me. maybe u’ll can tell how this cheat works

  38. Sune Says:

    The cheats only work for registered users, and make sure you have the latest version of the game.

  39. BeNjI Says:

    where do u get the patch to upgrade the game to the latest version (without using the upgrade button)

  40. Sune Says:

    The only way you can get the update is to use the ingame update button or download the latest installer from http://TribalTrouble.com

  41. qwee Says:

    wow! cheats thats frickin cool

    hi sparkle and spikeleeds man i mis not playing with you guys :(

  42. qwee Says:

    hej my cheats ar not working :(

  43. Sune Says:

    Please make sure you have the latest updates.

  44. .Guest1677 Says:

    hey oyu hafe tricks and cheats for Tribla trouble???

  45. Sune Says:

    Maybe you should read the blog entry at the top of this page. There you will find the cheats.

  46. scot Says:

    my cheat code is a no go on osx. any help?

  47. Sune Says:

    First of all, you have to make sure you have the newest update of the game. If you are using a MacBook or other portable, the function keys might be assigned to some other function by OS X. If the exclamation mark appears in the lower right corner, the cheats work. You just need to hold down the command (apple) key while pressing the function keys.

  48. scot Says:

    is there a new version? i downloaded 2 weeks ago. i am running mac 10.4.8. still no go. n o icon comes up.

  49. scot Says:

    it was a new version of t.t.



  50. Rumpole Says:

    I purchased from Big Fish Games. Cheat code “/iamacheater”, does not work??!!Any ideas? Version # not shown; says revision 6198. Also can’t find any way to play on-line.

  51. Sune Says:

    We have asked Big Fish Games to update their installer a long time ago, but they still haven’t done it. And because of restrictions in the DRM they use, the in-game update and multiplayer has been disabled. I will contact them again and find out why they haven’t updated. Email me proof of purchase (support at oddlabs dot com) and I will enable multiplayer for you.

  52. biodude Says:

    this game is AWSOME when they put the cheats on. =-)

  53. Supermonkey Says:

    CHeats Rock! I justdeleted the entire enemy tribe on hard campain!:)

  54. deltaX Says:

    u put the cheat /iamacheater then u backspace it or u send it?

  55. Sune Says:

    You have to send it (press return or click send)

  56. deltaX Says:

    i sent the code but no icons appeared, jus a note on top saying “unknown command:/iamacheater” and thats all!

  57. deltaX Says:

    help pls anyone!

  58. CrazYGAmeR Says:

    Hey! I am really Annoyed. Im asking the same question as deltaX. It just says unknown command!? I dont know. I bet there is a soloution some where up there, abouve thios post but Im sorry and i cant b Stuffed reading it all! I knw im Lazy. Lol Anyway if u cn help me that would b grate!!!
    Thanks alot,

  59. Sune Says:

    You have to use the latest version. Download it from http://TribalTrouble.com/download

  60. deltaX Says:

    ok…i am supposed to download >>>TribalTroubleSetup.exe (25 MB)rite?

  61. Aulia Says:

    i has tribal trouble, sure i like it. with register, cheat, all will complete in 1/4 day OK. thank you OddLabs!!!

  62. Aulia Says:

    to enabling native campaign without beat natives: go to directory of tribal trouble search “setting” and open it with notepad, find “hasnativecampaign=false” turn it to “hasnativecampaign=true” save the file, play it and select your native campaign.its true i am 12 years old

  63. kevin Says:

    lollolthis game is so cool and funny with the cheats

  64. 1000chickenwarriors Says:

    lol the cheats are sweeeeeeeeet but it ruins the game…

    but i wish i could use it on multiplayer ill own all…

  65. Unknown Says:

    for those people wondering the f1 f2.. keys go to preferences on your mac then go to keyboard on mouse make sure the submenu on the preference window is on Keyboard then click “Use the F1-F12 keys to control sofware features” duh da duh!

  66. blah blah Says:

    To Get The Settings Up Run This (MAC Only :P)

    1. Locate Tribal Trouble
    2. CTRL + Click On Tribal Trouble ( a list of actions should appear )
    3. Choose “Show Package Contents”
    4. Then Click “Contents”
    5. After that click “Resources”
    6. Click “Java”
    7. Then Choose “Settings”

    Voila ;)

  67. 1000chickenwarriors Says:

    Hey I got a question can u make cheats for buildings….. so i dont have 2 build em


  68. guest1000000 Says:

    dosesnt work fer mac

  69. 1000chickenwarriors Says:

    uhhhhhhhhhhhh hi…. hey lol i know this may be weird buuuut uhhhh lol can u make cheats for multiplayer……..i like killing people…….


  70. 1000chickenwarriors Says:

    still wondering..

  71. 1000chickenwarriors Says:


  72. Tribalsorm Says:

    The cheats are awesome iput 200 chiken warriors on my mac version of full trbal troble

  73. cabinboy5 Says:

    I am typing in \iamacheater and it says player:iamacheater… but no icon appears….how do i fix this?

  74. Sune Says:

    it is / not \

  75. chicken?? Says:

    you need to write in /iamacheater

  76. Tribalsorm Says:

    it does work update it!

  77. Tribalsorm Says:

    TO make 250 chiken warriors u first get 200 cchiken weapons then send out 50 chiken warriors then u can make another 50 and wallah!!! You have 250 chiken warriors!:D

  78. Phan0x Says:

    Thanks for making this wonderful game! Well worth the price indeed. I hope that you guys will keep adding new and addictive things to this game? Maybe some new buildings or warriors? I have some ideas :P.

    Love the game

  79. bluenose.blade Says:

    i wish you could have more warriors and poens i wish you could ad some new buildings and warriors

  80. bluenose.blade Says:

    the cheats are wiked

  81. Tribalsorm Says:


  82. HAHA1245 Says:

    they should make a cheat that lets you have an army of cheiftans
    anyone agree

  83. Tribalsorm Says:


  84. Gothpaladinus from Budapest, Hungary Says:

    What a good idea of HAHA but the matter is just that in the game as I know we can only have one chieftain…and that I’ve not got enough money to register :-(

  85. Gothpaladinus from Budapest, Hungary Says:

    Yeah, as you think it could be good if we could read in the blog that Oddlabs is creating expansion set for Tribal Trouble with a new tribe (par example the mayans could be a good choice - sorry for my half-french writing(par=for))

  86. Gothpaladinus from Budapest, Hungary Says:

    1000 Chicken Warriors that could be a too strong cheat against unregistered players in multiplayer mode… Think about it too that if you use this, what will the unregistered and registered players could do after it? Send a message to Oddlabs containing “Block X player from logging in beacuse it uses cheat on net against us and without our allowing!”

  87. Gamer487 Says:

    Can they make a map generator so u can design your own maps and scenarios?

  88. Tribalsorm Says:

    iam a member

  89. Blog Comment Poster Says:

    To be honest, all this stuff about Tribal Trouble cheats! sounds confusing for me…

  90. lickenlizard Says:

    hey can u use the cheat if ur a not a member ,and how do u pay for trubal trouble usen money order

  91. Sune Says:

    Cheats only work in the full version of the game. To order by money order, goto the order page for Tribal Trouble (http://tribaltrouble/buynow), and under “Method of payment” choose “mail/check/money order”

  92. Sune Says:

    NOTE: Please use the forum if you have any questions on how to make this work: http://oddlabs.com/forum

  93. lickenlizard Says:

    kk i know all that but how do u pay by that way do u need a credite card

  94. Callymac Says:

    It kinda gets boring when you use the cheats :wall:

  95. Tribalsorm Says:

    It is awesome