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Attempting to inspire

Yesterday, IT businesses all around Denmark were visited by bus loads of high school students interested in what the business world is like. Oddlabs too had its share of visitors.

A couple of busses stopped by our office and we gave them a short presentation of who we were, what we had done and what it takes to be a business like ours. Afterwards we fed them some sandwiches and they were free to walk around the office and ask questions about anything.

Despite the fact that even though we see of ourselves as fairly young (but felt quite old next to these high school kids), it was fun to hear what expectations they had about the game industry and software development in general. A lot of people don’t know all that much about software development and seem to think it is done in some sort of graphical drag and drop application. It was nice to be able to actually show people a shell prompt and some lines of Java code to give them a better impression of what the black magic is. So who knows, maybe we actually did inspire some people?

The question that remains is if we encouraged their interest in an IT education or scared them away… :)

Elias giving an introduction

Elias giving an introduction.

2 Responses to “Attempting to inspire”

  1. TheOne&Only Says:

    looking good, and since its oddlabs, i just you must of encouraged their educationin IT :)

  2. Parsa Akbari Says:

    i wish i could have the chance to learn like they did…

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