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The terrain and texture generation code from Tribal Trouble is now released as open source

After many requests, we have now decided to release the procedural terrain and texture generation code from Tribal Trouble under the GPL license as a stand-alone package named Procedurality.


Textured eroded terrain generated by the Procedurality engine

The Java source code can be downloaded here: Download the Procedurality source code

Please note that documentation is pretty much non-existing so far, but a few examples are included to give an idea of how the software works. Procedurality is made up of two parts: A set of classes that generate various types of graphics (random noise maps, Voronoi diagrams etc.) and a complete image manipulation library that supports color channels, layers with alpha blending and most of the functions and filters you would expect to find in software like GIMP (as well as a few more suited for generating terrain height maps, such as various types of speed optimized erosion algorithms).

For more information about what this software can do, read the paper Realtime Procedural Terrain Generation.

If you find the software useful, you are welcome to discuss technical details and ask questions in our Game Engine Technology forum.

Have fun!

7 Responses to “The terrain and texture generation code from Tribal Trouble is now released as open source”

  1. cheef Says:

    it dont seem to work on a mac :S

  2. Jacob Says:

    This is intended for developers only - for Mac OS X you’ll need the Java SDK, Apache Ant and Xcode as well as some shell skills, i.e. there is no graphical user interface for any of this.

  3. Sascha Says:

    To bad it’s under GPL, so I can’t even look into the code. Btw, from the screenshots I must say, nice work. So I will start from scratch and from the paper…

  4. vilem novak Says:

    a big thanks for this code !

  5. Andrew Sayman Says:

    Sascha: What else would they release it under? These guys did a lot of work and the GPL is the best way to share without anybody taking away their code.

  6. Andreas R. Says:

    Thanks for GPL’ing the code!

  7. cheef Says:

    u guys gotta post more stuff on the blog!

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